5 Ways to Keep your Sanity During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Right? Right? 

So why do we feel so stressed?

For one thing, most of our to-do lists are on overdrive. Parties, decorating, shopping, end of year deadlines, it’s enough to make your head spin. But even with the busy calendar, there are ways to keep your sanity so you can enjoy the season.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Sanity During the Holidays

Introduce the phrase, “No, thanks” to your vocabulary – Remember that you don’t have to accept every invitation, volunteer at every school function or chair the big holiday event. Many of us are used to saying, “yes” that turning down an invitation is hard. But you can’t – and shouldn’t try to – do it all. Commit to the things that are truly important to you, and politely decline the others. No one will judge you. And if they do? Bah humbug on them.

Simplify your shopping – Giving gifts is a part of many people’s holiday season, but it doesn’t’ have to become a major source of stress. No matter the size of your list or your budget there are ways to simplify. Shop online, and if you find a great gift, order in bulk! Your neighbor, kid’s teacher, or the nice lady who walks your dog will never know – or care – if they all receive the same thing.

Have “emergency” gifts on hand – It doesn’t hurt to have a few small gifts on hand. Need a hostess gift for a last minute invite? Neighbor stops by with a gift for you? Forgot someone special to include someone worthy on your list? Prepare for those awkward situations with a stash of gifts. We’re a little biased, but we think having a few extra tins of fudge on hand is a good idea!

Schedule personal time to recharge – It’s always important to carve out personal time, but its especially crucial during this busy season. Whatever recharges your battery – exercise, a bubble bath, a quiet coffee by the fire – schedule it in and make it a priority. You’ll feel better and ready to tackle that long to-do list.

Plan ahead, but be flexible – Plan ahead, but give yourself some wiggle room. With juggling so many ornaments in the air one is bound to drop, or something will go wrong. Holiday traffic, lost luggage, burned fruitcake, crazy relatives, the blizzard of the decade – things don’t always go according to plan. But don’t let these inconveniences take the joy out of the holidays. Be flexible, put on your ugly sweater, and go to Plan B.

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