A Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Actually Enjoy

A Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Actually Enjoy

Wedding favors can be pretty difficult to decide on. There are so many options! What will people like and appreciate?! Seeds to plant? A tiny candle? A box of matches? Monogrammed sunglasses?

REAL TALK: No one wants another thing to bring home and add to the junk drawer. NO ONE.

Let’s face it – we all have enough clutter in our lives. We have too many “things” that we hoard because we just can’t bring ourselves to throw them away. Even if these things are useful to us in some way, how often do we really use them? And do we really need them at all?

Think about it – you have probably zero wedding favors that make you think, “Wow! I really need these and will get good use out of them!” Now compare that to the amount of wedding favors you have either gathering dust somewhere or have long since thrown away.

So how can you thank your guests for attending with something they will truly be able to enjoy without adding to their junk drawers? Sometimes, after a long night of eating, drinking and being merry, all wedding-goers need is a little snack to top off the night.

Not a huge indulgent snack, and not a boring, unsatisfying snack – but the perfect snack; just a couple of bites that really hit the spot and end the evening on a happy, satisfied note.

*Enter Big Little Fudge*

Our Fudge Bites are the perfect wedding favor. A little favor that packs BIG flavor!


Fudge Bites are ‘Individually Wrapped’ morsels of yum available in 9 BIG flavors that come in customize-able packaging. Our customize-able mini cubes and mini burlaps can hold 1-3 delicious Fudge Bites.

For additional information, and for ordering, visit our website or call us at 1-888-54Fudge or 1-888-543-8343.

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