Bio: Kevin Graham

Kevin Graham

Kevin Graham of Big Little Fudge
Co-owner of Big Little Fudge, Kevin Graham is a big guy with an even bigger vision. From co-owning Veriforce, a company that provided compliance tracking systems for pipeline operators and contractors in Texas with his current business partner, Robin Strickland, to launching their fudge company, Graham’s attention to detail is one of the driving forces behind what is sure to be their future success.

Graham’s day-to-day responsibilities include the management of all warehouse operations, including shipping and receiving, and ensuring that Big Little Fudge exceeds all government quality standards and requirements. He is a graduate from New Mexico State University holding a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics.

In his spare time, Graham enjoys spending time with his children and is actively involved in all of their sporting activities. When he isn’t at a ball game, you can find him tending cattle on his small ranch outside of Montgomery, Texas.