Flavor Mixes

BigLittle Flavor Mixes

Note: All flavor mixes are not available for every item. Please refer to your individual product description.

Big Little Split

Pick eight (8) of your favorite flavor and four (4) of your second. Perfect for couples. ‘Cept who’s getting the big side? Best you claim your stake now.

Totally Nuts!

Twelve (12) of the nuttiest Big Little fudge bites ever to pass your lips. What’s inside? Whatever fits! But here’s the fill: Two (2) each of Big Wally, Heavyweight Champ, Coconutalot, Big Softy, Big League and Hunka Chunka. Phew!

Mixed Up

Get in the mix. That’s one of each and every fudge flavor we have to offer. That‘s twelve (12) for those of you who are shakin’ in your boots. We get it. But, can you handle it?

Single Flavor

You’ve got your favorite and you're not budging. That’s not so nutty, just twelve (12) chewy, chunky, fudgy little bites of flavor bliss. Have at it.

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