Big Love Red Tin

12 PC | a little over 1 lb. | 6"x4.75"x2"

Nothing says BIG Love like a tin that includes each of our top 12 flavors. Sure to be a hit, these tins make the world just a little softer (and nuttier).

All “Mixed Up” Tins include each of the following fudge flavors: Big League, Big Softy, Big Wally, Choc A Lot, Chubby Butter Nut, Chubby Chunk A Lot, Coconutalot, Colossal Cookie Crunch, The Great Divide, Heavyweight Champ, Hunka Chunka, and Mega Maple Nut

So what's with the 'big' rubber band? It's big. It's little. And it makes a colorful bungee cord for your pet hamster.


Need it 'bigger'? Try our Double Tin !
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Big Love Red Tin Big Love Red Tin Big Love Red Tin Big Love Red Tin