Big Love Red Tin

Big Love Red Tin
Big Love Red Tin
Did you know? Our ‘Fudge Factor’ (an extra piece for good measure) comes with this product!
Big Love Red Tin

12 pc | a little over 1 lb.

Nothing says BIG Love like a tin that includes each of our top 12 flavors. Sure to be a hit, these tins make the world just a little softer (and nuttier).

All “Mixed Up” Tins include each of the following fudge flavors:
Big League, Big Softy, Big Wally, Choc A Lot, Chubby Butter Nut, Chubby Chunk A Lot, Coconutalot, Colossal Cookie Crunch, The Great Divide, Heavyweight Champ, Hunka Chunka, and Mega Maple Nut


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Big Love Red Tin Big Love Red Tin Big Love Red Tin

Make it an even ‘Bigger’ hit!

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