That's Big of You Tin

That's Big of You Tin
That's Big of You Tin
Did you know? Our ‘Fudge Factor’ (an extra piece for good measure) comes with this product!
That's Big of You Tin
12 pc | a little over 1 lb.
Give your love some ‘big’ love this year with some of our chewy, chunky, nutty fudge gone wild. Chances are, they'll give you a big ol’ wet kiss in return. Whoa Mercy!

So what's with the 'big' rubber band? It's big. It's little. And it makes a colorful bungee cord for your pet hamster.


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Decorate your fudge - and watch the fun ensue. No need for sissy cupcakes when Big Little hits the scene. Settle down kids.

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