You're a Big Nut Tins

You're a Big Nut Tins
You're a Big Nut Tins
Did you know? Our ‘Fudge Factor’ (an extra piece for good measure) comes with this product!
You're a Big Nut Tins
24 pc | a little over 2 lb.
Give your love some ‘big’ love this year with some of our chewy, chunky, nutty fudge gone wild. Chances are, they'll give you a big ol’ wet kiss in return. Whoa Mercy!

So what's with the 'big' rubber band? It's big. It's little. And it makes a colorful bungee cord for your pet hamster.


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Decorate your fudge - and watch the fun ensue. No need for sissy cupcakes when Big Little hits the scene. Settle down kids.

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