Reasons to Celebrate Dad

Reasons to Celebrate Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, let’s take a minute to celebrate Dad. Why? Because Dads don’t seem to get enough credit these days. There are so many reasons to be grateful for the father-figure in your life, but sometimes we become so comfortable that it’s easy to start taking things for granted – that includes people. So without further ado, here are a few reasons we’ll be celebrating Dad this Father’s Day.

He’s Important. Society tends to put the spotlight on Mom, leaving Dad a little in the dark, but good ol’ Dad has a BIG impact on his children’s development. Numerous studies have been conducted and the results don’t lie; having an involved father-figure positively affects a child’s social, behavioral, psychological and cognitive abilities. So even though Dad has just been Dad your whole life, he’s also been sculpting you into the successful, well-rounded adult you are today.

He’s Sweet. No matter how stern Dad can be, let’s face it, he’s wrapped around your little finger. He taught you how to ride a bike, he helped you be brave on your first day of school and he sacrificed many weekends for sports games, dance recitals and to take you to seemingly endless birthday parties. He would always bend the rules when Mom was out of town, because how could he say no to that sweet little face?! He has believed in you, loved you and made sacrifices for you your entire life. If that isn’t sweet, I don’t know what is.

He’s Nutty. We’ve got two words for you: Dad Jokes. No matter the conversation, occasion or appropriateness, Dad is always ready to slip a nice, corny joke into the conversation. As terrible as his puns may be, deep down we can all appreciate a solid Dad joke; because regardless of all the eye-rolling, they still make everyone laugh.

He’s Loved. Well, this one’s a given. We all love and appreciate our fathers for many different reasons. The thing is, we don’t always tell Dad how much we love and appreciate him. Nothing feels better than hearing praise and feeling loved. Let Dad know how much you love and appreciate him for all the sacrifices, all the lessons and even all the Dad jokes.

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